Why I threw away all of my makeup, moisturizers and products

No, I haven't lost my mind and stopped wearing makeup, no my skin has not magically become perfect.  I have discovered an amazing company called Beautycounter and have decided to throw away all the other things I was using (including prescription skin meds).  The Beautycounter mission is to get SAFE products into the hands of everyone.  Safe means no ingredients that are linked to any disease or health issues.  They have extremely high safety standards, in fact, they  ban over 1,500 ingredients!   For my animal loving friends, Beautycounter also has a very strict NO animal testing policy. 

After years of struggling with acne, migraines, stomach issues, weight, etc...I have cleaned up my diet completely and eat REAL food, nothing processed and as organic as possible. I have seen an incredible change in the way I look and more importantly how I feel.  Why was I so careful about what I put in my body but not ON?  Skin is our largest organ after all.  So many of the ingredients in our everyday products (that we don't think twice about using) contain ingredients linked to serious health issues.  I decided to make a change and throw away all of my personal care products + cosmetics and swap with Beautycounter products. "When you know better, you do better".    While making these changes I have to be realistic.   Let's be serious...I'm not going to stop wearing deodorant (never antiperspirant) or concealer BUT I am going to do my very best to make sure these things are not harmful to my health.  The personal care products and makeup are not only safe but they effective!!! The best moisturizers, face oils, concealers etc etc that I have ever used.  For real. 

Did you know:

  • The US only bans 11 ingredients due to potential health risk.
  • The European Union Bans 1,300 ingredients The US has not passed a law to regulate the ingredients in personal care products since 1938
  •  Beautycounter bans 1,500 ingredients.  Yes 1,500
Photo by: LKR photography

Photo by: LKR photography

To the amazing moms, we have a phenomenal kids line free of all common allergens & toxins.  I know how careful you momma bears are!!!  I am so passionate about this mission and these products that I am now partnered with the company as a consultant.  If you're interested in learning more about Beautycounter and the mission visit my page or contact me!  If you're not interested...fine. BUT make sure you know what's in your products!!! 



January 31st event at Pretty Reckless. Photo cred: LKR Photography 

January 31st event at Pretty Reckless. Photo cred: LKR Photography 

ps: A huge thank you to my girls at Pretty Reckless for hosting my first event...what a success!!! Love you Jaimie for always supporting me!  If you haven't visited this fab boutique, get there now.  Thanks also to Leslie of LKR Photography for capturing the fun day!  You're awesome girl. xo