I'm Meagan and it is my mission in life to help women lose weight, gain confidence and feel their absolute best through a healthy lifestyle.  I am a wife and a mama who is so passionate about filling my body with whole foods that fuel me so that I can be strong and active for my family, my classes and my clients.  I've been able to drop the destructive dieting habits that consumed my brain for so long and maintain my weight without stress. This wasn't always the case though...

In my previous life (not that long ago) I was an overworked, very stressed out girl who hated her body and craved freedom from dieting and from her demanding 9-5 job as an Account Executive.

The old me:
-Tracked every calorie, gram of fat and carbohydrate
-Constantly trying to lose the last 10lbs
-Tried on 15 outfits before deciding on the one that didn't make me "look fat"
-Overly self conscious
-Spent hours at the gym trying to work off every calorie
-Frustrated because I thought I'd never reach my goal
-I gave so much power to food and let it take over my brain


Current me:
-I make healthy choices based on how I want to feel and the energy I need through the day
-I am happy where I am now and if the scale goes up a couple pounds I don't beat myself up, I know what I need to do to get back on track
-I am confident and strong. My body is not "perfect" but I don't really believe that exists anyway!
-Exercise makes me so happy and I do it to stay strong, raise my endorphins and because I genuinely love it.
-Reached my goals before and after baby without stress. I made mindful choices and celebrated the fact that I was healthy and strong.

THE GOOD NEWS IS...You can feel this way too!

You can find me teaching classes all over Boston, working with Pilates and health clients and running results based group programs that you can find here!