It was a viscous cycle...

I grew up at the dance studio almost every day. We were in front of the mirror in tight leotards and never thought twice about it.  That was the uniform so that's what we wore.  It was an obvious way to make sure we were moving correctly while perfecting our technique and performing the choreography. 

As I got older and got to college my very packed previous schedule of dance, school, work, soccer, friends turned to party, work, school, friends/party, workout, dance and then more party ;). This was an insanely fun and stressful time. I worked all through college...a lot.. Even though I was exercising and dieting like crazy the amount of stress on my body/brain was insane and I know this led to weight gain. OH and the parties that I mentioned earlier...but that's where the fun came in and I was NOT about to give that up! I remember being at the gym doing cardio until I burned 1,000 calories on the treadmill and elliptical (even though we all know those calorie counters are bullshit) before I'd go home and get ready to go out.  Insanity.  

Back to confidence. I'd wear a baggy t shirt to the gym and even during dance practice I'd wear baggy clothing. I'd be so concerned about looking fat, I wasn't performing to my potential.  I was so self conscious I didn't even enjoy dancing anymore which was my passion for so long. Bummer.  The baggier my shirt was the bigger I felt. The bigger I felt, the more self conscious I was. It was a viscous cycle were I was working so hard but constantly talking shit about my body which brought zero results. 

Fast forward to when I was living in NYC. I had an insane trainer who was an ex-Marine. Insane and scary in a good way.  Picture a younger, less smiley Micheal Clarke Duncan. We worked out in a private gym on the 6 floor of a walk-up in the East Village (I loved this space). I did everything he told me and our workouts were INTENSE.  I had to get there early and run 2 miles going at least 8.0 mph before our session even started if that gives you any idea. 

My first session I showed up in a baggy tank to cover my stomach which has always been where I carried my weight. I had hated my stomach for SO long. He tied my shirt in a knot so I could see exactly what my body looked like. I wanted to die. Everything was visible...I could SEE all the things I hated! At this point in my life I was actually pretty happy with my weight, but my stomach just drove me crazy.  My friends would roll their eyes when I talked about it but to me it was a very real issue and drove me crazy. 

To this day if you come to my class you'll most likely see I'm wearing my shirt tied in a knot or a crop where I can still see my stomach. If I'm taking a hot yoga class I'll most likely be in a sports bra.  Even right after I had a baby, jiggly belly and all with zero muscle tone in my stomach, I took my shirt off to see what this new bod looked like. I have taken what I learned in ballet all those years ago and from my crazy trainer and turned it into a way to appreciate my body.  I now accentuate my stomach not because I have a six pack or love it so much, but instead to go back to the make sure I'm engaging my core and send my body some love. Like, hey tummy, thanks for working hard and I'm sorry for talking so much shit about you for so long. 

Might sound cray but I think we need to flip the script and appreciate the parts we may not like the most.  Its just a body after all.  We are not defined by a muffin top, some cellulite or stretch marks.  I love the quote that goes something like "You are not HAVE fat. You have fingernails but does that make you a fingernail? No." I might have botched that but you get the gist. 

Go to the gym, wear something that makes you feel good and do not think twice about what other people think about you. Chances are they are not even thinking about you anyway! I mean that with love. So often I hear "I can't come to class until I lose weight". Ummm WHAT? No guys, that's not how it works. Classes will challenge you in a new way, raise your endorphins and increase your energy with all the good vibes that are in the room. Please do not waste time being self conscious. YOU have the power to choose your thoughts, so I beg you to choose positive ones that empower you. I've learned you get the body you want by loving the body you have. Okurrrrrr?!

Maybe you're at the point that I was...I'm here to help! Email or message me and we can get to work!


Sooooooooo I've been busy...

Summer class at Fitness Directions in Falmouth, MA

Summer class at Fitness Directions in Falmouth, MA

WOWOWow, it's been forever since I updated my site.  For good reason, I have a beautiful baby girl that I am absolutely in love with and I have been getting back to classes and clients, slowly adding more. If you follow me on social media, you've seen tons of pics...what can I say, we think she's kinda cute! I started back when she was 6 weeks old.  Some people thought I was crazy but it felt right.  I only added classes where my husband was home, nights and weekends so I knew the babe was well taken care of.  Now that she's 3 months old, I've added more, hired a sitter, brought her to kids club and all is well! 

Marlowe Christine - 7 days old

Marlowe Christine - 7 days old

Here's my plan going forward...if I write it and say it that means I MUST do it!

-write a new blog post every week. 

- offer fitness tips for new moms and pregos

- provide motivation/fitness info/meal ideas for anyone who wants to feel and look their best

- grow my coaching practice to include group programs

- Keep teaching and growing as an instructor.  Giving my classes the best workout possible!

- Continue to educate my community of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle including products like Beautycounter

- Lose my last three pounds to get to my pre-baby weight and take it a few lbs. further to get to my goal

- Continue to be a positive resource for my community, constantly cheering you on to reach your goals! 

- etc etc etc :)

Impromptu class on the Cape at Fitness Directions, Falmouth MA

Impromptu class on the Cape at Fitness Directions, Falmouth MA


A huge thank you to all my students and managers for the kind words and cheering us on as we navigate this whole parenting thing!  This is a wild ride and our hearts are so full of love and gratitude. 

I always thought having a baby would keep me from things I wanted to do but I feel more motivated and excited for the future than ever before!

So much more to come... Thrive with me! 


Beach bod on point <3

Beach bod on point <3

Recovering from too much fun...& eating/drinking

First of much better is life when the sun is shining?!? I forgot what it was like to walk outside and actually enjoy it!!! 

Here's the deal - Last weekend I went to Montreal with a group of fab girls that I've know forever for my bff's bachlorette party. When getting together with your girlfriends the last thing you want to think about is a "diet" or stress about exercise.  As we get older time spent together laughing and just being all around weirdo's becomes less frequent and it's so sad!  That's why we need to really embrace the quality time and focus on what's important: friendship, laughing, cute outfits, mullet wigs and cocktails. 

The Monday I got back I was on a mission to get back to normal. I scheduled a photoshoot for my site/promotional things for the following weekend and I needed to get back on track ASAP.  After the weekend of antics I was FOUR lbs heavier than when I left.  I'd like to think it was just water weight but who knows...Just keeping it real ;). I completed the shoot (pics to come) and my body did not look as lean as I wanted but oh well...I did the best I could while working tons and limited time to exercise.  Here's what I did to get back on track quickly:

1:  Fill up on fruits, veggies and lean protein:  Back to basics. Only eat whole foods.  Your body needs to re-calibrate, get digestion back to normal and cleanse.  Fruits and vegetables are easy to digest, contain the vitamins and nutrients like fiber to help you heal and detox.

A typical lunch of greens, beets, peppers, quinoa and tuna. &nbsp;Small amounts of olive oil, vinegar and lemon.

A typical lunch of greens, beets, peppers, quinoa and tuna.  Small amounts of olive oil, vinegar and lemon.

2. Cut alcohol and added sugar:  Sugar in fruits is fine, I'm talking sweets and added sugar in soda (actually NEVER drink soda please), sweets and coffee.  God knows I drank enough alcohol over the weekend so that was easy to stay away from.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar: I swear by this for digestion, energy and overall detoxifying.  It tastes horrible fyi.  I drink it before dinner as I find it too harsh in the morning. 

  • 2 tbsp of ACV
  • Splash of water
  • Sprinkle of cinnamon


4. Sleep & relax:  This is probably the most difficult step for me.  I have a horrible time falling asleep at night but this is getting better thanks to acupuncture and breathing techniques. Remember, sleep is essential for your body to repair itself.  Shoot for 7 hours. 

5. SWEAT!: My favorite step. I pretty much love all forms of exercise but have fallen back in love with hot yoga.  A workout like this feels so cleansing for the mind and bod.  Its so amazing to walk out of there completely drenched, feeling light and strong.  No, I'm not cheating on Pilates just adding more yoga to my schedule whenever possible!

Do you have any other tips or tricks? I'd love to hear :).

Stay strong and healthy ppl!


Why I threw away all of my makeup, moisturizers and products

No, I haven't lost my mind and stopped wearing makeup, no my skin has not magically become perfect.  I have discovered an amazing company called Beautycounter and have decided to throw away all the other things I was using (including prescription skin meds).  The Beautycounter mission is to get SAFE products into the hands of everyone.  Safe means no ingredients that are linked to any disease or health issues.  They have extremely high safety standards, in fact, they  ban over 1,500 ingredients!   For my animal loving friends, Beautycounter also has a very strict NO animal testing policy. 

After years of struggling with acne, migraines, stomach issues, weight, etc...I have cleaned up my diet completely and eat REAL food, nothing processed and as organic as possible. I have seen an incredible change in the way I look and more importantly how I feel.  Why was I so careful about what I put in my body but not ON?  Skin is our largest organ after all.  So many of the ingredients in our everyday products (that we don't think twice about using) contain ingredients linked to serious health issues.  I decided to make a change and throw away all of my personal care products + cosmetics and swap with Beautycounter products. "When you know better, you do better".    While making these changes I have to be realistic.   Let's be serious...I'm not going to stop wearing deodorant (never antiperspirant) or concealer BUT I am going to do my very best to make sure these things are not harmful to my health.  The personal care products and makeup are not only safe but they effective!!! The best moisturizers, face oils, concealers etc etc that I have ever used.  For real. 

Did you know:

  • The US only bans 11 ingredients due to potential health risk.
  • The European Union Bans 1,300 ingredients The US has not passed a law to regulate the ingredients in personal care products since 1938
  •  Beautycounter bans 1,500 ingredients.  Yes 1,500
Photo by: LKR photography

Photo by: LKR photography

To the amazing moms, we have a phenomenal kids line free of all common allergens & toxins.  I know how careful you momma bears are!!!  I am so passionate about this mission and these products that I am now partnered with the company as a consultant.  If you're interested in learning more about Beautycounter and the mission visit my page or contact me!  If you're not interested...fine. BUT make sure you know what's in your products!!! 



January 31st event at Pretty Reckless. Photo cred: LKR Photography&nbsp;

January 31st event at Pretty Reckless. Photo cred: LKR Photography 

ps: A huge thank you to my girls at Pretty Reckless for hosting my first event...what a success!!! Love you Jaimie for always supporting me!  If you haven't visited this fab boutique, get there now.  Thanks also to Leslie of LKR Photography for capturing the fun day!  You're awesome girl. xo