Diets...let's discuss

The word "diet"...let's discuss

Fad diets are nothing new and I feel like I have been on all of them. Does just hearing the word "diet" cause a negative reaction? Can you can immediately recall a diet that you have tried?

You remember the foods you couldn't eat, that feeling of deprivation, turning down social events etc. Maybe you even had some success. BUT for whatever reason the results didn't stick. You went back to the old behaviors and everything you worked so hard for was just a thing of the past. You were frustrated and swore you'd start eating well again...someday when you could muster up the willpower. Or maybe you're on a diet right now.

I'm here to tell you it's not your fault you couldn't stay on the "diet" or maintain the results. 

Keto, Paleo, WW, Atkins, fasting etc etc…these labels can be overwhelming! Whatever new trendy diet is hot right now is not sustainable. I want to add that many of these popular diets do have some serious health benefits. If you approach them in a balanced way with the intention of making lasting change then great! The majority of time I see people start with a negative mindset from the very beginning. This will not result in success. When you are coming from a lack mentality, meaning: “I can’t eat…” rather than a healthy mindset, you are telling your brain this is a negative experience. Change the conversation to come from a place of empowered eating and it will feel so much easier! Instead of: I can’t have carbs. Try: I’m choosing to eat a big healthy salad OR I’ll have the salmon because it is super nutritious and will fill me up.

Let's change the conversation.

Example: I'm not ON a diet, but rather I eat a healthy diet comprised of whole foods.

Diet = the foods you eat.

It's nearly impossible to cut entire food groups out for long periods of time just for the sake of weight loss. It doesn't work. You focus on what you can't have rather than what feels good for your body which is not a fun way to live if you ask me. Again it’s a lack mentality where you punish your body. Fad diets can lead to food guilt, food obsession and yo-yo weight loss which is so frustrating. I've been there.


My diet:

Consists of lots of healthy fats (avocados seen here ;)), tons of veggies, lean proteins - plants/fish/poultry, & fiber rich foods. All real food!

Tune into what foods fuel you, make you feel good & align with your goals. In order to tune in, that means you need to clear the food noise and unlearn any negative things you’ve associated with food and your body. It’s a process, I know.

It’s SO much more than “eat this vs. that”.

I work with my clients to help them release the negative and see food as more that good or bad. It is fuel and we need it. Yes, I help women lose weight but the mental piece is just as important as diet. It’s 50/50!

If you’re struggling because you can’t stay ON a diet, please know you’re not alone. Email me if you need help, I’m here!