I have to be honest...

I have to be honest, I was totally feeling the effects of Winter. The sun setting early, the cold weather, the extra layers we have to wear and the extra "layer" I added to my bod.  This feeling of heaviness in my brain and ON my body.  Ya feel me? Jeans were a little more snug (I live in stretchy workout pants so it's easy to tell when I put my jeans on...like OH. Ok let's reset here), my energy level was low and I found myself constantly reaching for coffee.  I had also got into the fun little habit of having wine with or after dinner almost every night. For some this is totally fine but for me, it's a no-go and the extra calories just seem to stick to my middle. OY.  

GOOD NEWS - I'm feeling a shift. Maybe you feel it too?

The days are getting longer, temperature is rising and there's a new energy.  I found my way back to the habits that I know make me feel good.  We are all human and in the seasons of life (feel MAJ cheezy saying "seasons of life" but you know what I mean) we'll find ourselves super focused on different things at different times. If you fall off the healthy wagon do NOT beat yourself up. Get back on that ish and re-set. It's all good.  

MORE good news! I made a really easy guide to help you get back on track if you're feeling like I was.  These are the exact steps I take and they work like a charm.  Simple mindset shifts and totally doable action items that do not include spending your entire Sunday meal prepping or exercises to get rid of "unwanted belly fat". 

Click here to get my guide!

These steps work for anyone who is in need of a more positive body image, a healthier mindset and diet.  I called it the "Feel Better//Look Better Guide". The feel better is obvious and the "look better" is because I want you to look at yourself in a better way, a nurturing, loving, energized lens that allows you to move forward and feel your best no matter what the scale says. Got it?! 

Hope you find this helpful and please reach out with any questions or feedback!