3 ways to stay healthy this Fall!

Oh hey! If you follow me on Instagram (ahem @meg_thrivebody) or FB you know life has been busy as I'm prego with my second baby girl, currently 28 weeks yay! My client/class schedule is full, my toddler is amazing, active, busy, all the things and TODAY I released a new program! More on that later.  I'm so grateful but because of all those good things, I've let my blog posts fall through the cracks. BUT here I am, and thank YOU for being here too :).

How am I feeling?  Thank you for asking!  Here's the quick answer: the 1st 17 weeks of pregnancy was ROUGH.  Super nauseous, couldn't eat much besides my GF toast, and basically in survival mode. Now, much better just a bit low on energy but it's all good. 

So many of you love Fall and all the fun festivities that go along with it. I'm trying to get into the spirit haha. I created TWO new resources to help you eat seasonally and get into the Fall spirit. Maybe it comes naturally for you anyway…lucky ;).

Resource 1:

Pinterest Graphic.png

Healthy ideas for all things Pumpkin that are WAY better than a PSL ;).

Resource 2:

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Feel good/nutritious Fall recipes

Also, I know Halloween is basically here so I’m not going to bore you with how to avoid candy. However, I will strongly encourage you to be mindful about your choices. Do you REALLY want that snickers or you just want it because it’s there in front of you. Could you buy yourself a high quality treat rather than the crap that’s in our traditional candy? Or maybe choose fruit or flavored hot tea to curb the cravings (try not to roll your eyes at that one…it’s just a suggestion ok?!).

Last but certainly not least…my NEW GROUP PROGRAM! I am sososo excited to introduce you to this fast but effective healthy detox. It’s called Feel Good In 5 and will remind you that just because the holidays are coming doesn’t mean you have to let go of your healthy habits. The holidays and specifically holiday food used to create so much anxiety for me. More on this in my next post but it was tough and I know so many people feel my pain!

This isn’t a crash diet but rather a check in and reminder that you are strong and capable of looking/feeling your best during this busy time of year all while maintaining a healthy mindset.

Well, that was a lot for now! More on overcoming food anxiety plus holiday wellness tips soon.

Is there a topic you need help with? Just let me know!