Changes are tough...

So I've ALWAYS had a hard time with changes which is weird because I'm constantly making them.  Whether I was moving or changing jobs (back before I made this awesome wellness world my full time gig), even if I knew it was for the best and I made the decision, I had such a hard time letting go.  Legit cried leaving every job, again, it was MY choice and I was leaving for something bigger and better but I knew I was letting go of some people I had grown to love and a routine that had become normal.  

Example: when we bought our beautiful new condo in South Boston you'd think I would be happy to move out of the tiny Back Bay apartment that had become a new home for mice and bugs but instead I was a sobbing mess leaving our old place. Almost irrationally sad. Bizarre. 

SO what I'm saying is, change is sometimes so hard but it's almost always necessary.  Since having Marlowe I've become very aware of time and need to make sure I'm spending it wisely.  Being a mom is #1 but I absolutely love what I do and am often torn between my desire to work work work work and then to be with my babe.  For as long as I can remember I've been a hustler, saying YES to everything.  When in transition between careers I was working full time in sales M-F from 8:30am-6pm then teaching 4 nights a week plus Saturday and Sunday.  If you think that led to're right.  

Up until Marlowe was born, I was still teaching 7 days a week. This go-go-go mentality helped me achieve my goals but also wore me the F out. I need to take care of my body now more than ever. After all I'm feeding and caring for a rapidly growing tiny human in addition to all of life's other responsibilities. 

All this rambling to say....SCHEDULE CHANGE!!!  I had to give up a Thursday night class that I've LOVED for years and am moving on to a different time and space.  

Every Thursday you can find me at North End Yoga - 6pm Pilates Fusion and 7:15 Barre Fusion.  Holy sh*t I'm excited!  This space is beyond beautiful and the vibe is like no other. You can feel the amazing energy the second you walk in the door.  Even though each room is full of sweaty bodies you can only smell the invigorating incense in the air.  

While I had to give up a a class that I love, I know it's the best move for me and my fam.  I have some really big shoes to fill on Thursdays as the amazing Jennifer Phelan taught on this night for years. To the NEY students, I promise you a sweaty class that will make you stronger and leave you happily exhausted. 

Also new: Mom and Baby Barre at Asana Charlestown.  I plan to have Marlowe with me as my co-teacher every week. 10:30am Thursdays and make sure to sign up in advance!

Yay for new changes!  Even if it's scary and the next step is unknown, change will always lead to growth and who knows what other good stuff is on the way!