You just get BETTER

No...this is not me...yet.

No...this is not me...yet.

I thought this was an appropriate first post on my NEW blog!  My mission here is to inspire women (and men) to live their best life through health, fitness and wellness (all sound pretty similar I know).  The goal is to help build your confidence, break you out of your comfort zone and help you make the changes necessary to THRIVE! 

The mantra above has never been more true for me than in my Pilates practice.  When I first started doing Pilates I was horrible. Like awful.  I have a dance background, loved yoga and I could put any guy to shame in a Tabata so I thought I'd be fine in class.  Turns out...not the case. I have a super tight back, weak abs and was breathing all wrong.  

My teacher told me "what you are the worst at is what you need the most".  Well that's annoying to hear.  As these words stayed in my head I kept attending class. The sequence of exercises never got easier but its true, I did get better.  The better I got the more I understood the exercises and could get deeper into the movement. That's when my body changed. 

When starting a new program its easy to get frustrated, intimidated and want to give up.  This is YOUR body, YOUR time, YOUR workout, YOUR time, YOUR journey. Ignore the bullsh*t ego driven voices in your head that compare you to others or say you're not good enough.  Focus on you and the little ways your improving.  Are you a little more flexible? Almost touch your toes?  Does your stomach feel flatter? Maybe you decided not to have pizza for dinner and had a big salad instead?  A minute plank doesn't seem like absolute torture but instead actually doable?  All of these things are WINS!  If you really focus on the positive change more good stuff will come! 

Keep going. 

"It doesn't get easier, you just get better". 

Now go out there, drink some water, eat your veggies and get better!