Stop trying.


Now I know this sounds like some interesting advice, but hear me out.  We say and hear the word "try" all.the.time. especially when it comes to diet &fitness.  I'm trying to lose weight, I'll try to get to class, I'll try to make dinner at home.  These statements are usually followed by a BUT.  But...I'm really busy this month, but it's hard for me to wake up in time, but I never have time to get to the grocery store. 

I get it, life is stressful and we are all crazy busy, but how about you don't TRY. You either do or you don't.  

Trying is an excuse, a way out, a justification. It can set you up for failure. Here's what happens: Well I tried and it didn't work or I tried but just couldn't make it.  Just that statement brings you down and is so low-vibe.  I'm going to like a little fire under your cute tush and make a suggestion: How about don't try...just do

OR how about you don't even try to do whatever it is think you should do and take a big ass sigh of relief.  Give yourself freedom to NOT try, how about that?  What a relief! Maybe you felt pressured by friends or even social media into doing something you could care less about.  Maybe you didn't want to go to that class any damn way or the Keto diet sounds don't do it. And guess what- that's OK.  Save your energy and your focus for something you DO want to do and go into it full ass...not half ass ;). 

As a total "yes" person, I find myself saying  “yes I'll try” or “maybe I can be there”, when really I know for a fact I won't make it- or just straight up don’t want to go/don’t have time, yaddah yaddah.  Rather than saying something like "I’d love to but I can't take that on right now"...I'm all...MAYBE. And then of course I let it hang over my head for days until I end up feeling like crap when I have to finally say no. OR I say yes as an automatic response without my whole heart/brain on board, when I know for sure it should have been a no off the bat. Oy.  It's tough and I know so many of you gals do the same thing.

I find that often I'll be wishy washy about something and run it by my hubby.  His response can be so clear and is always in alignment with what my gut says.  It's my goal to be more definitive in my decisions and put myself and my little fam 1st. I’m trying my best to just trust my gut and do what I WANT, not what I think I should or what others want me to.

Soooooooooooo I got a little off track but as I was saying, don't waste your energy trying. Do that thing or don't. Don’t be wish washy or constantly on the fence. Eat the veggies because you WANT to. Go to the class because you WANT to, not because you think you should. Find the WHY behind the action then decide.  Either way life goes on! You're all good. 

Mental shifts:

I'm trying to get more flexible ---> I've been stretching all the time to get more flexible.

I'm trying to drink more water ---> I fill my water bottle up 6x/day which is way more than I used to.

I'm trying to be healthy ---> I'm eating more veggies than ever before. I can really feel the difference.

I'll try to workout 3x this week ---> I WILL workout 3x this week

See the positive shifts here? Less trying, more doing.

Train yo brain! 

Share, comment, message etc. let me know how I can help. xoxo

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Are you setting yourself up for failure or success?

Hi hi!  Thanks for being here and following along as I blab about healthy stuff. I promise I'm doing my best not to be annoying but rather helpful. Maybe helpfully annoying? I'll take it! 

Wanted to share some insight into what has helped me and my clients stick to a healthy diet.  How to easily make the best decisions when it comes to food no matter what your schedule is like. We know eating perfect 24/7 isn't an option (f*ck perfect) so lets go for a motivated mindset where prepared is key shall we?

Does this sound familiar?: You have every intention of eating well, veggies with every meal, beautiful fresh fruit on hand, organic nut butters, healthy proteins ready to be cooked etc. etc.  You see it so clearly and you swear you're going grocery shopping after work... 

But get an invite to happy hour.  All your work friends are going and yolo so you scrap the annoying grocery shopping trip, head to the bar, drink a couple glasses of wine, share some appetizers and now you're heading home to eat a healthy dinner BUT your fridge currently consists of expired yogurt, bread, wilted spinach and a 1/2 full kombucha.  Wooomp womp. 

Or maybe life got crazy, you missed your favorite class at the gym, and through the chaos of taking care of everyone else you finished whatever was left on your toddler's plate, was still hungry so inhaled some chips and hummus and went to bed thinking you failed again. 

I've been in BOTH of those situations (more than once if you were wondering).  Corporate life, mom life, life life can really take a toll on your goals IF you let it.  

Here's my solution: Be proactive and PLAN ahead!  Preparation is key.  I'm not saying spend your entire Sunday meal prepping, I think I've made it clear how much the idea of that makes me cringe. BUT what you can do is hit up the grocery store at least 1 day a week for your proteins, fresh & frozen veggies + fruit, grains. 

Pro tips:

*Cook once, eat twice. While making dinner, cook extra for lunch or even dinner the next day and prepare it a different way. For example, if you make salmon, asparagus and quinoa for dinner, take some leftovers and serve it over spinach with avocado for a filling salad the next day.  When you prep it differently, it will seem like a new meal, not boring leftovers that you are reluctantly eating. 

*Roast it. Buy fresh veggies for roasting - cut, sprinkle with olive oil + s&p, then roast on a large baking sheet.  You'll be able to quickly add to salads, heat for dinner or throw in a scramble for breakfast. Favorite veggies include eggplant, broccoli, squash, carrots, potatoes. Use whatever you like best!  This is a quick, hearty way to add nutrients to any meal. 

*Grab and GO.  Having things on hand like fresh fruit, baby carrots, nuts and hard-boiled eggs are all key when you need to run out the door or get a little hangry and need a snack.  Also, all great things to add to your meals. A sliced hard-boiled egg on top of avocado toast is my morning go to these days.

*Add flavor. Nobody likes bland food. Blah. It's important to stock your fridge/pantry with sauces and spices to ensure dinner will be delish and satisfying. My favs include: vegan buffalo sauce, teriyaki, sriracha, organic spicy taco seasoning, cajun spices, cinnamon etc. 

Remember YOU are 100% in control of what and when you eat.  Food is your fuel and it can be easy, healthy, delish.

You've got this! 

I have to be honest...

I have to be honest, I was totally feeling the effects of Winter. The sun setting early, the cold weather, the extra layers we have to wear and the extra "layer" I added to my bod.  This feeling of heaviness in my brain and ON my body.  Ya feel me? Jeans were a little more snug (I live in stretchy workout pants so it's easy to tell when I put my jeans OH. Ok let's reset here), my energy level was low and I found myself constantly reaching for coffee.  I had also got into the fun little habit of having wine with or after dinner almost every night. For some this is totally fine but for me, it's a no-go and the extra calories just seem to stick to my middle. OY.  

GOOD NEWS - I'm feeling a shift. Maybe you feel it too?

The days are getting longer, temperature is rising and there's a new energy.  I found my way back to the habits that I know make me feel good.  We are all human and in the seasons of life (feel MAJ cheezy saying "seasons of life" but you know what I mean) we'll find ourselves super focused on different things at different times. If you fall off the healthy wagon do NOT beat yourself up. Get back on that ish and re-set. It's all good.  

MORE good news! I made a really easy guide to help you get back on track if you're feeling like I was.  These are the exact steps I take and they work like a charm.  Simple mindset shifts and totally doable action items that do not include spending your entire Sunday meal prepping or exercises to get rid of "unwanted belly fat". 

Click here to get my guide!

These steps work for anyone who is in need of a more positive body image, a healthier mindset and diet.  I called it the "Feel Better//Look Better Guide". The feel better is obvious and the "look better" is because I want you to look at yourself in a better way, a nurturing, loving, energized lens that allows you to move forward and feel your best no matter what the scale says. Got it?! 

Hope you find this helpful and please reach out with any questions or feedback!


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Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing all you amazing Moms a VERY happy Mother's Day!  Having a baby changed my life in every way.  Life is no longer about what I want, but what SHE wants and needs. It's messier, busier, exhausting at times but 100% full of love!  I could write all day about #momlife but instead I'm going to point you to my fabulous friend Emily's blog so you can read how I feel about topics like confidence after baby, finding the time to eat well/workout and finding the almost impossible "balance" between work/baby/friends/fitness/family. You can read it all here and let me know if you have further questions or want me to elaborate!

Mom life is NOT easy but you are out there doing your best, keeping your baby, yourself, your family happy and healthy. This is a big job. You are the glue that holds it all together so please be kind to yourself and take some time to recharge your batteries and do something just for you.  A massage, facial, yoga/Pilates/barre class, an uninterrupted glass of wine or maybe just a nap in the middle of the day if that's what you want to do.  Take a second to breathe, feel the feels and know that you are appreciated and loved so very much.  And as my girl Beyonce says "Who run the world? GIRLS". Boom. 

Happy Mothers day gorgeous mamas! 




Feel like a "wellness failure"?

First things first, you are reading this so already you're a total winner ;).  But I'm wondering, do you FEEL like a failure when it comes to wellness and buzz words like "self-care"?  If so, I'm with you...keep reading. 

-You see your favorite bloggers or healthy instagram people raving about matcha and you're all...what the f is that? 

-You know bone broth is healthy but sounds gross and do you even drink it? Or do you eat it? What IS it? 

-Bulletproof coffee is oh so hot right now but the idea of putting butter in your coffee is highly confusing. 

-You have no clue what turmeric actually tastes like, never mind how to use it.  

-A Vitamix would be amazing but a $500+ blender is literally last on your list of things to buy. 

-Wake up and meditate THEN journal? F no. How about finally get out of bed after hitting snooze 3x, get ready in 20 minutes and rush out the door with hopes of getting to Starbucks before you have to be at work. 

Even though I eat/sleep/breathe fitness & wellness, all of these thoughts have run through my head at one time. Especially now that I have a baby. I have zero time for added fluff. I will never be the girl that wakes up, meditates then journals (not saying that's fluff). It's just not in my DNA and here's the kicker...that's a-ok! 

Everything listed above is awesome and if/when you are ready, you will learn more about them and maybe try them for yourself.  I recommend you add one new healthy habit to your life every month. Even something as simple as going to bed 15 minutes earlier will positively impact your day.  I will have a part 2 to this email to help explain some of these wellness trends.

Here are some easy healthy habits to ADD to your daily routine:

*Lemon water in the morning. After you hit snooze and cannot fathom adding something else to your morning routine BUT I swear this will help jump start your day. Just a mug of warm water with a squeeze of 1/4 lemon will immediately hydrate you, help to flush out your digestive system, and rev up your metabolism. With the release of toxins comes clearer skin, plus lemon has the added benefit of Vitamin C which is needed for collagen production and immunity. There is also research that suggests water with lemon contributes to weight loss. I'm not going to hype that up, but I do know that it can't hurt! Don't forget to drink water ALL day. Hydration is essential to your body functioning properly - think: energy, hunger regulation, attention span etc etc 



*Fill half your plate with veggies. This is something I tell all of my clients. The more vegetables you can add to your diet the better. Some people respond better to cooked veggies rather than raw and vice versa, so take note of how you feel after your meal. It's also a good idea to experiment with different ways of cooking, roasting in the oven or sauteing with some evoo + a pinch of salt and pepper is my go to. Even easier...not cooked at all in a salad! The more colorful the veggie, the more nutrient dense it is. Kale, sweet potato, spinach, butternut squash and corn are easy to add to almost any meal.

 Eggs are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Over tons of veggies of course.

Eggs are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Over tons of veggies of course.


*Move more. When you feel that afternoon slump coming, on rather than reach for a snack, head outside for a walk. Maybe grab a decaf iced tea or run a quick errand.  With the weather getting warmer here in New England, the sun and fresh air will give you the pick-me-up you need.  This is in addition to exercising at least 4x a week. Whether you take a class, run, ride your bike, or play a sport, moving your body is a HUGE factor in your health and happiness. Raise those endorphins, get some Vitamin D (outside). Notice your stress level decrease and your mood improve. 

 This move is ideal for prego's too. Helps stabilize while lengthening.  

This move is ideal for prego's too. Helps stabilize while lengthening.  

*Mindset shift. This is a big one. Eat and move according to your goals. If you want to have more energy in the afternoon do not have a big, heavy lunch. Eat a filling salad then head outside for a green tea around 2 or 3pm. Have some fruit or nuts on hand to keep you satisfied and energized.  If your goal is to lose weight focus on what you CAN eat to get to your goal, not all the foods you might be staying away from. Eat real, whole foods that will nourish your body. Maybe your goal is to be more flexible. Get your ass to yoga or Pilates class and get stretchy! 

"Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same."

*More sleep. As a night owl I need to follow my own advice here big time. Sleep is essential in brain function, memory, energy, metabolism, avoiding illness, and cell regeneration. Limit screen time 30 minutes before bed and turn that little "night shift" button on your iphone ON. Start a nighttime routine that signifies winding down. Maybe a chamomile tea and a few pages of a book. Think of ways to quiet your mind and your body. 

Notice all of the things listed above are ways to ADD to your lifestyle. No deprivation, no overwhelming cutting of dairy or gluten, no sugar detox. Easy, everyday additions that your body and mind will thank you for! 

You've got this and let me know how I can help!


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Are you over those resolutions???

It's February...are you over those resolutions?  Maybe you are sticking to them and seeing positive results (get it!!!). OR maybe you're frustrated and just OVER IT. Either way, I'm here to help. Promise. By now, you've celebrated the New Year, made your resolutions, partied for the Patriots (if you're in New England) and since you're subscribed to my wellness newsletter, my guess is you've been attending the very crowded gym and stepped up your eating game for the past month. LOVE IT!

That's the good news. The not so good news is that only about 9% of people stick to their resolutions and achieve them. Ugh. 

The old me was absolutely one of the 91% of people who said "This year I'm going to lose 15 lbs", "I will go to the gym every day", "I will not eat carbs...because carbs make you fat" (insert eye roll here). I will torture myself until I reach my goal. No dinners out with friends, no late night eating, just gym, grilled chicken and salad.  By February I had already failed miserably. I had lost all my positive momentum, my goals were out the window and I would beat myself up about it. Just 31 days later when I should have been building on my new habits, I was feeling worse than ever. Not fun. I want you to avoid this negative cycle. It's not productive and can make you cray. 

I failed for a few reasons: My goals were way too extreme, I LOVED going out and was super social (loved it a little too much), I cut out all the things that were "fun". Going to they gym alone and staying on the elliptical or treadmill for an hour does not jive with my personality.  Neither does eating bland food alone and swearing off alcohol.  I like my adult beverages ok?!

My mission is to help you achieve your goals AND keep your sanity.  I want to help you change your mindset about resolutions/goal setting and avoid that shitty feeling of failure. 

 Big smile here but I'm really saying "take the pic already!!!".

Big smile here but I'm really saying "take the pic already!!!".

Tip 1: Change your perspective and put a positive spin on it. Example - Rather than "I will cut out carbs" how about "I will add more veggies"? That sounds doable right?  Fill at least half of your plate with veggies, more if you can.  Raw, sauteed, grilled, steamed, any way you like em'!  Or "I can't drink wine during the week" how about trying new smoothie recipes. Replace the negative thought with a positive statement and everything changes. 


Tip 2: Adjust your goals so they are achievable. I'm not saying totally slack off and forget about the original plan, just remember small changes can go a long way.  "I'll go to the gym every morning before work" is a HUGE feat if you're not a morning person. How about "I'll go to the gym or a class at least 3x a week when it fits in my schedule".  Make fitness fun. I'm aware that sound super annoying BUT trying going with a friend and make it social. Try something new like rock climbing or arial yoga. Challenging your body in new ways will build confidence and who knows, you might find something you love. 


Tip 3: Even the small changes make a difference.  It takes 30 days to form a new habit so give yourself a break if you're not where you want to be yet. KEEP GOING.  Celebrate the small victories. Are you drinking more water? Maybe you've added more healthy salads to your diet?  Cooking more rather than takeout? Tried a new class?  Every positive change counts! 

Tip 4: Stay Inspired.   I recommend you look to healthy/positive/motivating sources to stay on track.  Consider using social media to tap into like minded people who will offer up ideas and words of wisdom.  Try to find relate-able sources, not supermodels but people that know your struggle and have overcome some obstacles to reach their goals.  Look to instagram (find me! Meg_thrivebody) for #bodypositive or #foodisfuel type of hashtags. Maybe even join a healthy eating or fitness challenge to stay accountable and feel a sense of community.  Pinterest is another great tool that has TONS of recipes, exercises and motivating quotes. You will 100% find inspiration there.  Below is my wellness board from Pinterest if you want to follow :).


My goals for the year (which I will achieve and stick to within the next few months) are to increase flexibility, working on it daily, and to finally get organized!  The organization thing is NOT my strong suit and I'm sure my husband, friends, and former coworkers would agree.  Sorry I can't be perfect!!! Kidding.  I'll continue to work on it and send updates so I stay accountable.  Off to look at "organization" boards on Pinterest ;).

Keep going guys and let me know how I can help you have your healthiest/strongest/most confident year yet! xo

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