I'm a fitness instructor and Holistic Health Coach for motivated women who want to lose weight, gain confidence, and feel stronger than they ever thought possible.

As a successful wellness professional, I help people like you:

I’ve been in your shoes. I had tried everything and was still not happy with my body. It was beyond frustrating

This is how I used to operate... Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Counting every calorie, carbohydrate and gram of fat

  • Try on countless outfits before leaving the house, never to find that outfit that didn’t make me “look fat”

  • Serial Dieter. You name the fad diet, I tried it

  • Spend hours at the gym trying to work off every calorie that ate or drank while I was out the night before

  • Beat myself up for “cheating” on my diet

  • Self conscious and felt thin enough, strong enough, good enough

I’ve been there. I’ve done it all.


1 Month Jump Start –

You will gain mental clarity about diet and exercise and be armed with the tools you need to succeed.  This isn’t a quick diet or cleanse; this month long intensive program will lay the foundation for your new healthier way of living.

  • 1x deep dive coaching session - which includes everything above + a kitchen cleanout & shopping trip to local Whole Foods for recommendations & shortcuts to take out the guess work! 
  • Weekly email check in – I want to know where you are at so I can build the next week’s plan.
  • Weekly action plan – You will receive a plan of attack each week with food and exercise breakdowns. 
  • 1x Catch up call – a check in (in person/phone/skype) to see where you are at and how we can get the most out of the month.
  • Unlimited email access – use me as a resource, a cheerleader or just to vent about how nasty apple cider vinegar is (chances are pretty high that this will be on your “do” list).   

Please note: payment plans are available.

4 Month Fix –

We will work together to create changes that will last a lifetime.  Each month you will build off of the last, gaining momentum and confidence. We will celebrate your wins and work through challenges. You will reach your goals while keeping your sanity!

  • 1x deep dive coaching session – in person, via skype or over the phone. We will discuss what is currently working for you, what is not, define goals and create actions steps.  During this session, I will uncover your roadblocks and find solutions to what’s holding you back.
  • Monthly action plan – based on our conversations I will create a custom plan of attack so you know exactly what to eat/buy/do to achieve your goals.  
    • Including: fitness plan (based on your current fitness level. Will intensify monthly) recipes, shopping lists & meal ideas based on your goals & progress.
  • 2x Monthly catch-up calls/meetings – we will discuss wins, challenges, questions and how we can keep the momentum going!
  • Unlimited email access – I am here for questions, concerns, frustrations etc!  Lifestyle changes can be tough but you are supported through this process. 

I would be honored to coach you through your health journey and look forward to helping you achieve your goals! Clients often work to gain energy, lose weight, fix digestive issues, quiet food noise & more. 

I am here to give you an action plan and coach you along the way to take out any guesswork. These options are customizable to suit your needs.